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What is Cash Flow?

This article explains key cash flow fundamentals vital for a holistic knowledge of the concept. Monitoring cash flow helps prepare for future quarters and economic downturns. Unlock the 3 easy steps to an effective cash flow analysis and healthy business.

Cash Conversion Cycle

Cash conversion cycle measures the speed at which a firm converts inventories into cash. One needs to be able to calculate their cash conversion days and understand the relationship between the different variables for an optimised cycle.

What is Receivables Financing?

Receivables are assets yet to be paid for by customers at a future date due to which they cannot be converted to cash quickly. Companies hence need to ensure timely collection from their buyers. This is where receivables financing comes into play!

Export and Import Finance

Importers and exporters face several shipment and logistics costs. The longer delivery times and payment terms further extend this process. Understand how import and export finance help a business facilitate trade.

7 Cash Saving Strategies for Businesses

A lack of cash can threaten a business’s liquidity status. Thus, diminishing its ability to pay creditors. It is crucial to adopt cash-saving strategies to maintain cash solvency. This approach is particularly true during economic volatility as it mostly affects the cash reserves of SMEs.

What is Supply Chain Financing?

What is Supply Chain Financing?|Supply chain finance (SCF) is essential to supply chain management. It connects buyers & suppliers with a financing institution to lower financing costs, improve cash flow efficiency, and reduce risks. Highlights of this article:...

What is eCommerce Financing?

eCommerce sellers have long and irregular cash cycles and banks are usually unwilling to lend to such firms. These firms have added costs that further strain their cash flow. Know how eCommerce financing helps online sellers grow and cover these expenses.

ESG and Sustainable Trade Finance

Businesses are financing sustainable development with the potential to narrow the trade finance gap. Its various benefits attract practitioners to support sustainable businesses and overcome market challenges.

What Is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is a type of invoice financing that mainly differs in the party responsible for invoice ownership and payment collection. The invoice is sold to the factoring company, and firms can reinvest this cash to create opportunities.

What is Invoice Financing?

An umbrella term for the different invoice based lending, invoice financing is a short-term borrowing method that accelerates a business’s cash flow. This article provides thorough information on the process, costs, and the different types.

6 Financing Options for Your Company

Businesses, especially SMEs struggle to maintain and expand operations during tough market situations. Amid the tight credit environment, alternative options are emerging for SMEs, spurred by fintech startups and government support for financial innovation and business growth. This has opened up new options for SMEs. This article introduces 6 different financing options for your business.

How to Manage Financial Risk in your Business

Managing financial risk is a basic necessity for running any business. Risk management helps optimise earnings and mitigates financial and reputational damage, ensuring smooth execution of daily operations. Dive into the 4 basic forms of risks and know how to mitigate them.

What is Purchase Order Financing?

Many SMEs cannot fulfil large orders due to cash flow constraints when receiving the order. PO financing allows businesses to expand order capacity while paying suppliers before invoicing buyers. Please read this article to know whether it fits your business need and type.

Investor Onboarding Process by Velotrade

Velotrade focuses on the importance of a smooth investing experience for investors. Our dedicated team efficiently processes the necessary KYC & AML procedures in line with global standards. Have a look at the requirements for both individuals and corporates.

8 Tips on Fighting Late Payment

A major cause of leaks in cash reserves is late payments from customers. SMEs and new businesses are especially vulnerable, as they usually don’t have large cash reserves to cushion themselves. This article provides some hacks to speed up payments and overcome avoidable issues that cause unnecessary stress.

What is Trade Finance?

Trade finance solutions facilitate global transactions by providing working capital to importers and exporters. Unlock how the 3 key players connect to facilitate trade finance transactions. Read this guide to know the role they play!

What is Invoice Discounting?

Invoice discounting is a more flexible financing alternative to traditional forms of finance. It helps businesses get quick access to cash tied in unpaid invoices. Uncover some cases that make invoice discounting the most suitable facility for a firm!

The GameStop Stock Saga

The ongoing GameStop stock trading saga has caused chaos on Wall Street, but it has also positively highlighted how open financial markets are becoming today. Investors have been concerned for months about the risk of a growing stock market bubble. This story teaches us how diversifying to alternative assets is all the more crucial.

2021 Investment Outlook

Central banks first introduced low-interest rates following the 2008 global financial crisis that have remained in place due to stubbornly weak economic growth and low inflation. As base rates have moved closer to zero, the likelihood of widespread negative interest rates has increased. Attain deeper insights on the 2021 investment highlights and understand the recent market changes.

What is the Iceberg Illusion in Financial Markets?

The Iceberg Illusion is a deception in which only a small part of a much larger problem is visible (the tip of the Iceberg). Stay-at-home workers with spare time, government stimulus money and free trading accounts have played a key role in creating today’s Iceberg Illusion.

Cash Flow Discipline for Surviving the COVID-19 Crisis

The pandemic has impacted businesses significantly. New trade barriers have risen for air, land and sea cargo, cash-strapped companies have put investment plans on hold and threats to jobs, and a regular income has hammered consumer demand. This article provides essential cash flow management tips to survive to ensure business continuity during economic downturns like Covid.

The Perils of Investing in a Fully-Valued Market

The Perils of Investing in a Fully-Valued Market As we begin the New Year of the Rat, one prediction is easy to make: investors are unlikely to match the double digit returns of the last 12 months, when virtually all major asset classes – including equities, bonds,...

What is the Value of Trade Credit Insurance?

Trade Credit Insurance offers indispensable peace of mind by providing protection for the company in case a client goes bankrupt, becomes insolvent or simply fails to pay an invoice for any other unforeseen circumstance. Partnering with a trade credit insurer provides many benefits.

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