Trade finance digital platform serving the financing requirements of global exporters

On Velotrade’s innovative marketplace, corporates in need of financing use our digital platform to match investors willing to advance funds.

Exploit opportunities that were unimaginable a few years ago.

Working Capital For Corporates

Secure a steady cashflow and achieve sustainable business growth.

We provide funds for eCommerce, import & export and retail.

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Alternative Assets For Investors

Trade finance is a new asset class now accessible to investors. Transactions are short dated and offer high return, low risk: your capital, your decisions.

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Velotrade is regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong

Best SME Invoice Solution by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and The Bank for International Settlements

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group uses Velotrade for the enhancement of trade services

Helping corporates to grow

Lack of cash is the number one issue for most corporates.

Unfortunately, banks are reluctant to provide help and liquidity to small and medium-sized corporates.


Banks have a very traditional and obsolete risk assessment procedures that does not favour SMEs. Furthermore, banks believe lending money to small corporates is too risky and time consuming! 

Solution: Trade Finance Digital Platform

We tailor financing arrangements for a wide range of industries seeking cashflow support.

Our trade finance solutions deploy technology to deliver these services. Our solutions are dynamic, client – driven and leverage our digitised infrastructure for optimum delivery.

Whether your business is eCommerce or Import & Export, look at how Velotrade can help you control your cash flow.

Your financing stories, our trade finance platform success

"I have financed 48 invoices with Velotrade since opening my account with them seven months ago; as a result, I have a stronger relationship with my buyer and I am more confident to take on larger shipments"

Position: CFO

Country: Hong Kong

Industry: Telecommunication

Financing: Invoice Discounting

"We sell construction supplies to the Middle East and Velotrade have been able to provide invoice financing that was operationally tailored to the cultural needs of our clients"

Position: Director

Country: Middle East

Industry: Construction

Financing: Invoice Discounting

"We approached Velotrade back in 2019. Since then, we have successfully obtained e-commerce financing with terms and conditions that would have been impossible with a conventional bank."

Position: Director

Country: European markets

Industry: Consumers Electronics

Financing: eCommerce

Financing Tomorrow

We have helped thousands of importers and exporters access services globally. Likewise, we have granted investors access to trade finance assets as a new alternative class in which to invest.

Velotrade is taking an essential step towards Financing Tomorrow by matching two fundamental needs while providing more effective trade finance across global markets.

An alternative source of yield

Invest in a new asset class traditionally monopolised by banks.

The FinTech revolution offers investors access to Trade Finance.

Asset characteristics:

Velotrade dotLow risk driven by thorough analysis 

Velotrade dotAttractive market returns

Velotrade dotShort term maturity

Velotrade dotLow market correlation

Our digital footprint...


Velotrade offers Introducer’s affiliate programmes: your networking skills and referrals can pay off.

Refer us businesses or investors and you can join our program.

Velotrade Café

Mini Transat 2021 Challenge Sponsorship by Velotrade

Determination and perseverance are essential in this intensive solo transatlantic yacht race. The Mini Transat elicits emotions almost too hard to be transcribed…

API’s And Data: Risks Facing Online Businesses

The recent SolarWinds security breach highlights the growing threat of unauthorised data access in our interconnected world. The latest cyberattack went undetected for months and spread to thousands of clients.


High profile defaults in the world of Trade Finance

One of the most glamorous and successful alternative trade finance companies has filed for insolvency and is facing possible bankruptcy. It looked too good to be true: A lack of transparent risk assessment and intense risk concentration, coupled with obvious conflicts of interest, sealed the company’s fate.

Velotrade learning centre

On the guide module, we provide educational material for Trade Finance enthusiasts. Check this section regularly for updates.   

eCommerce Financing Guide

eCommerce Financing

Companies use E-commerce Financing to stabilise the cash flow and to cope with payments obligations like staff’s wages, tax and utility bills.

eCommerce financing is also used to buy more goods or invest in structural transformation.

Trade Finance Guide

Trade Finance 

Trade Finance represents the pillar of our business model.

On this guide, we explain the idea, the mechanisms and the rationale behind trade finance. 

Purchase order financing guide

Purchase Order Financing  

Purchase Order Financing is an alternative way to access working capital. 

SMEs can access funds to pay the suppliers before invoicing the buyers.

Velotrade as your business partner

Digitalisation changes how corporates envisage financing: faster, adaptive and more transparent.

Velotrade is the alternative to bank financing.

Hong Kong’s SFC regulated entity

Inject liquidity in trade finance

Financial institution with global presence

Bespoke financing solutions for corporates