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Business grows as financier provides capital.

Inject Capital into Your Business

Run your business at its most efficient state.
Get financing on-demand before buyers pay.

Cash is injected to operations for better efficiency.

Collaterals? Not Required

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No Hidden Costs

We have only two fees:

Processing Fees: A percentage of the invoice value

Financing Costs: An interest charge on the advanced amount

Pay only when you trade. No lock-up clauses.

Truly Paperless

Onboarding made easy and digital. We exchange all documents electronically.

All-online services for flexibility. You don’t have to look for the nearest branch. It’s Anywhere.

Security is our foremost concern. We are fully devoted to protect users and their data.

Professionals track financing status with Velotrade digital financing platform

Financing Process

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Understanding Businesses

We Build Long-lasting Relationships

I have financed 48 invoices over the last 7 months.

As a result, I have created a much stronger relationship with my buyer and I am now confident to take on larger shipments.

Hong Kong

Velotrade has been able to provide invoice financing operationally tailored to the cultural needs of our clients.

They cater to our peak periods by adjusting the service plan according to our needs.

Mainland China

Velotrade’s user-friendly online platform understood the working capital requirements in the supply chain of our global businesses.

This fintech offers an extremely smooth transaction processing experience.

Garments Manufacturer
Hong Kong

Unleash your business full potential

Global Recognition and Presence

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“Best SME Invoice Solution”

“Enhance operational effectiveness”

“Addressing the trade finance gap”

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