Technology advancements are transforming businesses and the way we perform trade. Watch this space for latest innovations and trends to scale your business with digital financiers like Velotrade.

Our Most Recent Articles on Tech

Automation for Business Efficiency – Tools & Benefits

Automation: The Key to Future Business Efficiency|In the search for business productivity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Bots are the latest buzzwords. To leverage these new methodologies, managers need to identify the most suitable automation tools. It will help...

Value of Digitisation – Increasing Relevance in Covid-19

The Value of Digitisation|Despite its significant potential, the economic gains of digitisation are still to be fully realised. Industries such as automotive, healthcare and manufacturing have been slower to adopt new technologies. However, Covid-19 made digitised...

API and Cybersecurity Risks Facing Online Businesses

API’s And Data: Risks Facing Online BusinessesThe recent SolarWinds security breach highlights the growing threat of unauthorised data access in our interconnected world. This cyberattack went undetected for months and spread to thousands of clients. Hackers were able...

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