Financing is a Journey

We make it simpler for you

FinTech for Improved Experience

Traditional Financing

Collateral-free Financing

We ask for information instead of collateral assets

Transparent, 2 Fees Only

You know exactly what to pay from day one

Flexible Financing

“When? How many invoices?” You choose!

Fully Digital

Consult, register, sign up. Anywhere, any device

Quick Onboarding

We follow up initial inquiries within few hours

Asset, Pledge, and/or Insurance

Requested from corporates to approve the application

Various and Unexpected Fees

e.g. Annual ancillary costs, exit fees, maintenance fees, early repayment fees, etc.

Full Sales Ledger

Required to process all receivables for a specified lock-in time

Paper-based, Time Consuming

Rounds of initial meetings, hard copies of certificates and signatures… The withdrawal of funds may require extra authorization.

Lengthy Registration & Set-up

Open an account, branch meetings, and complete long questionnaires for assessment. It takes 3-6 months to finish a credit review.

Remove the Hustle

Who likes admin work? Well, we don’t.

Velotrade could finance more than

invoices within the same period.

Instead, traditional financiers require:

Day 1-7: Arrangement of branch meetings
Day 8-30: Account application
Day 31-90: Credit & collateral assessment
Day 90-95: Contract confirmation
Day 95+: Fund withdrawal authorization

Solutions for Every Need

Tailored for Your Requirements at Different Times

Industry Niches

We cover a variety of industries, e.g. Manufacturing, eCommerce, Services, Import & Export…

Credit Limits

Adjust your credit limits based on your seasonal requirements and expansion needs.


As your business grows, you have the flexibility to add as many counterparts for financing as you wish.

Understanding is Better

Case Studies

Supporting Your Growth

Our client was looking for financing during the payment terms to increase production during peak seasons.

Client Since

Manufacturer: Processed Foods

Supply for Big Supermarket Chains in Vietnam


The supermarkets usually confirm receivables in the month and pay the month after. This creates a payment gap, slowing the business growth while waiting for the payment.


Velotrade offered invoice discounting to one of their buyers and eventually extended the service to finance 2 more clients. All invoices were bundled and financed together for faster funds transfer.

of payment gap closed

The client found the process very efficient and transfered one of their supermarket to be financed by Velotrade (previously financed by a bank).

Ahead of the peak season in Q4, the client requests a credit limit increase to support the growing demand during the big Tet holiday in Vietnam.

Add-on to Banks

The client is an offline and online retailer. While their offline sales are currently financed by a bank, the client needs extra support in financing their online sales during peak seasons.

Client Since

Retail Distributor: Fashion Apparel

Selling Asian branded items to the domestic market


The client used all their collateral assets to open a credit line with a bank.


Velotrade’s collateral-free financing!


of the invoice value advanced

The client only worked with traditional banks before, and required to abide by many strict regulations.

Now, the client is topped up with a more flexible solution. Since their sales are not based on receivables, Velotrade offered a working capital loan to finance their online sales.

Our offer works complementary to the client’s banking facility. The seamless process allows the client to receive funds more easily and quickly.

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