Trade Finance Assets

Boundless Opportunities

Cash comes out of the mobile screen as yield for investors through the platform

Liquidity providers can now purchase trade finance deals as alternative assets, which banks no longer monopolise.


Matching Liquidity Providers with Businesses

Through Velotrade, businesses trade receivables for working capital. A wide range of bidding options suitable for your risk appetite.

Invoice trading platform connects business to cash

Asset Characteristics

A valuable alternative for diversification even when markets turn volatile

Stable & Attractive Returns

The yield ranges between 9% and 12% p.a. (USD equiv.)

Short-term Maturity

The average is 55 days

Low Market Correlation

with traditional assets like equities, bonds…

Different Investment Profiles

Assets are continuously repriced to reflect the debtors’ default risk

Ensure Your Peace of Mind

We mitigate risks by managing exposure to specific industries and jurisdictions based on market conditions.

Our focus is to safeguard your assets. Every asset is screened before being shown on the platform and monitored throughout.

Segregated client accounts in an international bank are used to hold clients’ funds securely.

3 icons convey risk info, screening and regulation. A Velotrade lock emphasises security.

Transparency is Key

for us all to thrive

No Admin Fees or Lock-ups

We don’t charge usage fees. We don’t require a minimum lock-up period.

Your Capital, Your Decision

You have full control of your funds allocation: withdraw and deposit anytime.

Clear Information

We provide comprehensive risk reports on each deal for your portfolio analysis.

Account details that clients can track with Velotrade financing platform

Great Experience, Great Service

We use top-notch tools and our international team is always ready to help.

All-Online Processes

Onboarding, Bidding, Deposit, Withdrawal. All done effortlessly on our in-house developed platform and app.