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“Receiving innovative tech solutions from companies based all over the world shows that technology has significant potential to improve trade finance processes, ranging from very large institutional trade finance to SMEs at the grassroots level.”

Benoît Cœuré,
Head of the Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub

“We believe that the winning proposals, when further developed, hold great potential for addressing some long-standing pain points of the global trade finance business.”

Edmund Lau,
Senior Executive Director of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority

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Our company recorded tremendous growth of 188% in 2020 and 335% in 2021.

Financing our invoices with Velotrade has strengthened our business capacity significantly.

Lighting Manufacturer

Before using Velotrade’s services, we used a German-based financier with insufficient credit limits to meet our needs.

Velotrade granted us a higher limit by helping us approach HKECIC for export credit insurance.

Consumer Electronics
Hong Kong

Velotrade’s digital financing process allowed us to onboard counterparts located in Singapore.

This enabled us to diversify operations outside of Hong Kong regardless of the geographical restrictions.

Hong Kong

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Case Studies

Bridging the Payment Gap

Founded in 2018, our client in Vietnam supplies to the international markets. Financing through local banks was a pain as the company did not have enough collaterals to access the desired credit limit.

Client Since

Manufacturer: Lighting Fixtures

Produce for the US and European markets


Before using Velotrade’s services, the company had to wait for months to receive payments from its international buyers.

days of payment terms

USD average invoice size


Through Velotrade’s facility, the client could finance its invoices without collaterals. The cash advance helped them secure working capital for order fulfilment and procurement.

Now, the client works with us frequently. As a result, the company earned higher profits:

times annual turnover increase

monthly transactions with Velotrade

Cater to Growing Needs

The client is a Foreign Direct Investment company with 2000+ employees, looking for financing to meet supplier and material costs.

Client Since

Exporter: Sofas and Office Furniture

Based in Southeast Asia, with most buyers in the US


The company had limited collateral and a credit track record in applying for loans from local banks.

Most of its big buyers purchase on a wide range of payment terms basis which further widened the cash flow gap.

days of payment terms


Velotrade offered invoice financing for transactions with their debtors (buyers) based on their credit worthiness. 

debtors financed

annual turnover increase

This helped the company receive enough working capital to pay for suppliers, import more materials, process more purchase orders and increase revenues.

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Why Invoice Financing with Velotrade?

For a fee, companies can unlock funds tied up in unpaid invoices so that they receive funds without waiting for customers to pay (usually 30-120 days).

It is an easier alternative to traditional finance products offered by banks since it usually requires no collateral assets or major paperwork.

Consult now, see how we can help.

What are the fees?

At Velotrade, the fee structure is simple and transparent. We charge only a flat percentage of processing fees and interest rates – all specified ahead.

Invoice financing fees depend on several factors such as the invoice value, the days financed, the creditworthiness of the debtor, and the length of the commercial relationship.

I need a long-term financing. Is this suitable for me?

Velotrade’s Invoice Financing Solution is highly flexible.

Based on your operation needs and business model, you have full control of which invoices and how many invoices to submit for financing.

Use the facility as long as you wish – no annual fees, no idling fees!

How is Velotrade Different from Banks?

Smaller businesses struggle to receive financial support as their ability to get commercial loans provided by banks is limited, especially now that traditional institutions have tightened access to credit. 

Focusing on SMEs’ urgent financial needs, Velotrade provides global and cross-border financing to alleviate cash flow pressures, thus helping sellers meet their turnover requirements.  

Our trade finance experts look into each case carefully to understand your needs and offer maximum flexibility.

Unleash your full business potential