Purchase Order Financing

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Free your working capital

Client wants to finance its purchase order and meet production costs

Support your procurement and payment to suppliers

Solve cash flow issues. Expand your business.

7 stages of the purchase order financing cycle

Fulfil More Orders

Grow your business to reach the unthinkable

Support Companies Including SMEs

Although traditional institutions are reluctant to provide working capital to small businesses,

You can still access PO Financing with Velotrade without loading the balance sheet with debts.

Fewer Troubles,
More Flexibility

No lock-in time or full portfolio requirements.

With fewer parties involved. Just you and your buyers.

Move away from the constraints you used to suffer from.

Make Early Payment to Your Partners

Ensure smooth liquidity without pressure to pay your factories and raw materials suppliers.

Speed up your business expansion. Develop new production units.

No onboarding fees. See what’s different.

Effective Solution to Pay Your Suppliers

Case Studies

Expand Productions

The client exports readymade garments and accessories, serving 300,000+ customers. Due to the constraints of bank financing, the business needs more working capital to grow at the expected level..

Client Since

Exporter: Apparel

Based in Hong Kong and the US, with suppliers from Bangladesh and India


The client was working with their long-term buyers in the US under export Letter of Credit terms.

However, the complex transaction pattern with banks was blocking working capital both at the buyer’s and supplier’s end.


Velotrade’s back-to-back purchase order finance limit against invoice discounting enabled the company to grow their business with established buyers.

The client’s business volume has since been growing due to no upfront bank limit requirements at buyer’s end.

number of invoices financed in 5 months

This smooth injection of liquidity is being used for business expansion, early payments to factories for raw materials, and new production units development.

Accelerate Production Cycles

Owning 6 factories in Southern Vietnam, the client sources fresh rice from local farmers and sells it to big exporters. Financing is needed to scale up the procurement.

Client Since

Manufacturer: Rice

Based in Vietnam


It takes 1-3 months to finish the production to fulfil the agreed quantities.

The buyer only deposit 5-10% and no further payments are expected until goods are well-received.

Despite having bank loan facilities, the client is looking for financing to take more orders.


We assessed the buyers’ credit worthiness and approved with initial limits. 

buyers are top 10 rice exporters

annual turnover in USD

50% of the purchase orders are financed by Velotrade, while the bank funds the rest. Velotrade’s solution works perfectly as an add-on to the bank’s financing.

This helps the client increase production during peak seasons.

Smooth Financing Experience

No Collaterals

We seek to understand your business instead of your assets

Global Coverage

A solution that fits the actual requirement in the supply chain of global businesses

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Trade only the deals you want – No lock-up clauses

Transparent Costs

Pay only when you trade: All fees are specified ahead

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