Financing platform connecting buyers and suppliers in the supply chain

Supply Chain Finance

Efficient, flexible and scalable beyond traditional limits

An extra credit line is always good, isn’t it?


Inject Liquidity in Global Supply Chains

Global supply chains are exposed to macroeconomic factors and price expectations.

While bank limits are insufficient to serve the market’s needs, collateral-free financing with FinTech like Velotrade is a timely solution to your working capital demands.

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Less Time, Less Effort

2-Step Supplier Validation

Simple and easy – Digital validation only happens once for each supplier

Keep Your Flow

Same invoicing process, better conditions for trading

Obtain Working Capital in 3 Days

Suppliers receive cash in a few days, not months.

Optimize Working Capital

Reduce Risks. Accelerate Growth.


Making timely payments is critical to supply chain loyalty.

With Velotrade’s financing, you don’t have to compromise the flexibility of your working capital.

Onboard your suppliers worldwide with no set-up costs at all.


Collateral-free financing solves many problems.

Enhanced payment predictability for long-term financial stability.

Even better, suppliers can decide which invoices to submit for financing.

Our Clients

Supporting various industry needs:

Manufacturers, Exporters, Wholesalers, Buying Offices, Trade Agents…

Across Sectors: Electronics, Toys, Garments, Automotive, Chemicals, Textiles, Household and more…

No onboarding fees. See what’s different.

How Can We Finance Your Suppliers?

1. Register online

2. Issue invoices as usual

3. Upload invoices for validation

4. Receive funds in 3 days

Example 1. Auto Parts Company 

Your regular supplier is an established Chinese auto parts company with a USD 5 million turnover.

You and the supplier agree to sell their invoices to Velotrade, optimising the working capital needs of both companies.

Velotrade finances the supplier based on the Buyer’s creditworthiness and 12-month transaction history.

Example 2. Supermarkets 

The supplier is selling products to supermarkets with a 30-day payment term. Monthly for a specific buyer can reach USD 4 billion.

Bank loans are insufficient to support production costs during the peak season.

Hence, the buyer and supplier agree to access supply chain financing with Velotrade.

Each case is different. We tailor for your best fit.

Lean Operations

Smooth Process for Everyone

Simple Fee Structure

Suppliers pay only processing fees & interest – only when you trade

No Lock-in Terms

No long-term or full portfolio obligation

End-to-end Support

Finance the full production cycles with back-to-back financing

Fully Regulated

Money Lender’s Licence (0474/2022) & HKSFC Type 1 License (#BJL007)

User Experience First

 In-house Tech, Keep up with Your Needs

Optical Character Recognition to autofill the document info for you. Just upload them.

Operate anywhere, anytime. Our services are available on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Securely developed in-house. Our team continuously manage updates to protect all users.

A Pool of Global Funders

To provide liquidity and achieve 100% invoices financed on the platform

Awarded & Recognised

“Winner of Tech Challenge”

“Enhance operational effectiveness”

“Addressing the trade finance gap”

Reduce Suppliers’ Cash Flow Gaps to 3 Days