Find out documents and requirements needed to be onboarded as an investor with Velotrade.

Investor Onboarding Process

Feb 2, 2023


Velotrade focuses on the importance of a smooth investing experience for liquidity providers. It all starts with a Secure, Digital, and Streamlined Onboarding Process.

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  • Ensure your Peace of mind; Our proprietary platform is strictly compliant with international standards
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At Par with Global Standards

As a FinTech company registered in Hong Kong, it is essential to be strictly compliant with international requirements.

Our dedicated team efficiently processes the necessary KYC (Know Your Client) & AML(Anti-money laundering) procedures in line with global standards. Velotrade holds the Money Lender’s Licence (0474/2022).

We aim to facilitate the investment of your excess liquidity while guaranteeing all our platform users are compliant.

Steps to Start Investing Promptly

  1. Sign up as an Investor and initiate the onboarding process
  2. We will follow up to understand your needs and will request documents for Due Diligence
  3. Upload the requested documents
  4. Upon completing the KYC, you will receive an Investor Platform Agreement. Sign it electronically and proceed.
  5. Deposit funds into your segregated account held with Velotrade
  6. Start trading on our Platform

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Checklist: Information and Documents

Velotrade welcomes liquidity providers with different risk appetites and investment profiles. Have a look at the requirements for

Individual Investors

Generally speaking, the following list presents the required documents for onboarding:

1. HKID or Passport Copy (For Non-Permanent Residents)
2. Proof of Address (Issued within the past 3 months)
3. Bank Statement* (Showing Account Name, Address, and Account No.)

*Bank Statement verification is mandatory for AML and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) routing purposes. (Other information such as account balance and past transactions should be redacted).

Talk to us if you have any questions.

Corporates and Institutions

Documents requests may differ from case to case depending, among other things, on the regulatory requirements. Typically, the checklist is as follows:

1. Business Registration Certificate
2. Company Structure
3. Certificate of Incumbency
4. Memorandum & Articles of Association
5. Company Bank Statement* (Showing Account Name, Address, and Account No.)
6. Authorized Signatory (For Appointed Platform Users other than Directors)
7. Proof of Address (For Directors & Ultimate Beneficial Owners)
8. HKID or Passport Copy ((For Ultimate Beneficial Owners)

For financial institutions, further information may be required

  • Verification of regulatory registration status for the flow of Simplified Due Diligence
  • or Proof of Assets / Portfolio (AFS, Custodian Statements, etc.) for the flow of Customer Due Diligence
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