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Individuals & Organizations with Strong Networks can join our revenue-sharing scheme and earn monthly for each deal financed

Mobile platform: cash for referrals

Synergies for Growth

Efficient Financing for Your Clients

We know each other’s needs, especially when it’s an upward slope or unexpected struggle.

Velotrade’s practical solution can benefit businesses in need of liquidity. Have a look at our case studies

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No one can solve every problem.

We’ve seen deals constrained by cash flows, regions, industries…

There is a better way than upsetting your clients – Chat with us to see how we can work it out together.

Successful Referrals

We pay 20% of the processing fees on each transaction with your introduced client for five years.

We welcome all relevant parties to join this revenue-sharing scheme, e.g. Banking Experts, Brokers, Advisors, Trade Associations…

As an example:
Your client is selling curtains to the USA. Each month, he invoices one container worth US$150, 000 and funds his invoice with Velotrade.

Assuming a processing fee of 1.1 % – Each year, you will receive USD 4000.

Straight-forward Workflow

Referral status details displayed on mobile. The platform that ejects cash

Fees are paid monthly, starting from the 1st referral. A great source of passive income, isn’t it?

Technology makes it easier for larger corporates – our Platform supports API integration and a high level of customisation.

Let’s talk and see how things fit best!

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Keep track of total commission earned and any upcoming commission payment.

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