Introducer FAQ 

Am I qualified as an introducer? 
In fact, you do not need to fulfil any minimum threshold to be an introducer. We have been in collaboration with private individuals who have worked in the trade field as well as large professional corporations and are offering our services to their customers. 

What is my percentage? 
A commission calculated as a profit-sharing for 5 years. That is every time the client you have introduced to Velotrade uses our services you will receive a percentage. 

What are the companies that I can introduce to Velotrade? 
A business registered and licensed to operate in Taiwan or other countries acceptable for our qualifying criteria. Some of these criteria are verifiable trading history, creditworthiness of the sellers/buyers and total turnover.  

What credit limits do Velotrade offer to businesses? 
We don’t  have any fixed limits as it all depends on the overall quality of the debt. We have a large variety of investors so we would be able to finance a small USD20K invoice as well as a large USD 1m alike. 

What kind of investors can I introduce to Velotrade? 
The services offered by Velotrade are only available from Professional Investors, as defined in the Securities and Futures Ordinance, Chapter 571.
Professional investors may include wealthy individuals, corporations, family offices and investment firms, local and overseas. Link here for the full definition. 

What are the advantages for companies when using Velotrade services? 
  • Flexibility. Only finance selected invoices of their choice
  • Transparency. The financing costs are clearly set upfront
  • Speed. Cash is released shortly after the auction ends successfully
  • Ease. Online platform with easy trade management
  • Cost. Competitive and cost effective pricing
You can also look at the FAQs for the businesses here. 

What are the advantages for the investors in using Velotrade? 
  • Attractive Risk/Return profile. Above average yield with investment grade assets
  • Diversification. The receivables portfolio is split into multiple debtors in different sectors/markets
  • Insurance. A world’s leading insurance company insures the investment against debtor non-payment with
  • Short term. No long term commitment (average tenor 50 days)
  • Ease. Online platform with easy trade management and reporting
You can also look at the Investors FAQs here. 


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