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Have you sold goods or services to customers on credit lately? If yes, each sale will only be effectively monetized once the invoice is paid by the customer. Depending on the agreed time period between both parties, this process could take up to 30, 60, or even 90 days! To lessen the burden of waiting, through our invoice trading platform in Taiwan, we provide receivables-based financing to quicken the process from beginning to end.



  • Buyer (debtor) purchases products, seller at the price of $100k with payment terms net 60
  • Seller discounts the invoice via Velotrade, receiving an 80% advance
  • Investors in Velotrade promptly advance seller $80k cash, minus fee
  • In 60 days, debtor remits Velotrade the outstanding balance of $100k
  • Velotrade then pays seller the remaining balance of $20k minus financing costs


How Much Do You Pay?


$ 100,000

60 Days

$ 79,000*

$ 19,211


* These amounts are for reference only. Actual amounts depend, among other things, on the creditworthiness of the debtor and the length of the commercial relationship. Please get in contact for more details

Our Advantage

Traditional Factoring/Institution:

  • Must factor all of your sales ledgers
  • Volume and threshold requirements
  • A long waiting time for fund disbursement
  • A complicated form filing process
  • A mandatory subscription to ancillary services
  • A long-term lock-in and various fees


  • Only fund the invoices you want
  • No minimums, no hidden fees
  • An advance is generally issued within hours
  • Online transaction management including invoice factoring and discounting services
  • No hard sell for other services
  • An online invoice trading platform available whenever you need it


How to Qualify?

A registered company in Taiwan, in business for 12 months, generating a turnover of USD > 1 mln.
Your Buyer:
A stable credit history, in business for at least 3 years, with a minimum turnover of USD > 20 mln.


Get started with receivables financing for your business

Whether it’s working capital financing, invoice factoring or invoice discounting, swiftly achieve your various financing needs with Velotrade in Taiwan. Through our online invoice trading platform, you can secure your receivables and boost funding with a purchase from our financing investors. We are an independent invoice factoring facilitator with the primary objective to assist you in mitigating any potential credit risk to your company. As we operate both in Taiwan and throughout the Asia-Pacific, our online invoice trading system allows you to access a secure and steady stream of working capital at the instant click of a button.

If your establishment is experiencing the stress of having a cash flow imbalance, Velotrade is here to help. We certainly assure no minimums and no hidden costs, while advances distributed through our on-demand platform are typically processed within only a few hours.

At Velotrade, we place your business in a prime position to attain greater growth and expansion. If you’d like to get started, simply click “Apply Now” and sign-up now! Following approval, you’ll be able to commence invoice factoring as soon as possible. Get your Taiwan-based business on the right track today with the online market’s most convenient invoice trading platform!

For any enquiries or further information, please feel free to contact our team via email or call us today for prompt assistance!

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