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Popular Financing Jargon Used in Our Industry

InCoTerms 2020

Incoterms are universally recognised rules used by sellers and buyers when formulating and fulfilling a contract for the shipment of goods.

Automation: the Key to Future Business Efficiency

Certain business functions are easier to automate than others.

Cash Flow Discipline for Surviving the Covid-19 Crisis

Here are some essential steps for manufacturers and exporters to ensure business continuity.

7 Cash Saving Strategies for Businesses

During times of economic uncertainty, cash flow shortage can be a growing concern.

Crisis Management

Crises come in many different forms, but none can be more challenging than Covid-19.

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High profile defaults in the world of Trade Finance

One of the most glamorous and successful alternative trade finance companies has filed for insolvency and is facing possible bankruptcy. The company grew at breakneck speed and dazzled many established professionals. With a flamboyant CEO, billions in equity funding...

Cash Flow Discipline for Surviving the COVID-19 Crisis

Far worse in terms of economic impact than the US-China Trade War , the Covid-19 pandemic is a black swan event that is likely to surpass the 2007-8 financial crisis. Starting with factory closures in China, the level of global supply chain activity has fallen off...

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Supply Chain

Covid-19 cases outside China have recently exceeded those on the mainland. The most prominent centres of rapid transmission in Iran, Italy, Spain and Germany, followed by the rising alarm in the United States and new cases in many other countries. This rapid...

What is the value of Trade Credit Insurance?

Trade volumes have grown exponentially in recent decades, and while globalisation has brought greater profitability to Asian manufacturers, it has also created much more intensive competition for new business orders and resulted in higher pressure on sellers to meet...

Improving financial forecasting in business

Financial forecasting is an essential component of business strategy. In fact, improving accuracy by just one per cent leads to significant gains, according to the Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning (IBF). IBF’s study shows that for consumer product...

How to Manage Financial Risk in your Business

Managing financial risk is a basic necessity in running any business. Risk management helps to optimise earnings and to mitigate financial and reputational damage. Also, it ensures smooth execution of day to day operations. A comprehensive risk management plan can...

How To Improve Cash Flow Management In Businesses

linkedinfacebooktwitteryoutubeCash management may not be the most exciting part of running a company, but it is a powerful practice that can make or break a business. Company chiefs, financial managers, and accounting teams must have a strong grasp of cash management...

7 Cash Saving Strategies for Businesses

Any business operation follows a cyclical pattern for its ventures. Services and products will progress from their initial stages to growth, on to maturity, and finally, decline. I entails the need to continually evolve and invest in research and development to update...

8 Tips on Fighting Late Payment

Poor cash flow can kill a business, even a profitable one. To prevent their demise, SMEs need to identify the ‘leaks’ that drain their cash reserves. One of these is late payments. SMEs and new businesses are especially vulnerable, as they typically don’t have large...