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Mini Transat 2021 Sponsorship

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On July 5, 2021

What is the story link between Velotrade and The Mini Transat?

One of the Toughest Sailing Races

Let’s start with the right gear and put things into perspective: the Mini Transat is second only to the Vendee Globe (Sailing solo around the globe. Non-stop. Zero assistance).

The Mini-Transat was created in 1977 by Bob Salmon. The intention was to emulate the adventurous spirit of the first transatlantic voyages.

This year’s race kicks off on 26th September 2021, marking the 23rd edition since its creation.

The starting point in Les Sables d’Olonne will bring together 84 sailors, including future great names in sailing and others who have come to realise their dreams upon the open sea whilst relishing in their chosen freedom.

Among the experts, the Mini Transat has acquired the reputation as the true school of ocean racing for a good reason!

  • Single-handed, without onboard assistance (i.e. alone on the boat throughout the race)
  • Sailing for weeks on a 6.50m boat (approximate size of a few office desks only!)
  • Without weather routing by satellite or any contact with the land

As you may imagine, this Atlantic crossing is not an insignificant feat. The skipper must be versatile and capable of taking on all the challenges that the Atlantic Ocean will throw at him.

About the Route

The challenging Atlantic crossing will take place in two stages but with a slightly adapted route. It assures a rich contrast, varied emotions, and enduring experiences.

Initial Part: 1,350 nautical miles long, around 7 days of sailing

  • Starting in the town of Les Sables d’Olonne
  • Stopover in Santa Cruz de La Palma in the Canary Islands
  • Proven to be tough conditions for the sailors due to the headwinds and possible gales

Second Leg: 2,700 nautical miles, around 14 days of sailing

  • Arrival in Saint François in Guadeloupe
  • Routing over the Ocean and balancing performance and sleep will be the determinants for success

(More information about the route of Mini Transat 2021)

Sailing and Velotrade

The link is Vittorio De Angelis, one of the co-founders and Executive Chairman of Velotrade. Vittorio met talented Brieuc Lebec in Hong Kong and started racing together on J/80s – an 8-meter sailboat, in a highly competitive environment with quality sailors.

Navigating together seamlessly through the waves, Vittorio and Brieuc created a great connection and achieved impressive results in the J/80’s circuit.

Vittorio recalled, “Once I realised Brieuc’s intentions to participate in the Mini Transat, it was a spontaneous evolution for us to support and assist him in this colossal challenge.”

Determination and perseverance are essential in this intensive solo transatlantic yacht race. The Mini Transat elicits emotions almost too hard to be transcribed…

The Passionate Skipper

Brieuc Lebec grew up in la Trinité Sur Mer, where he became an accomplished sailor strengthening the rooted family passion for sailing.

In 2016 Brieuc moved to Hong Kong to work in the corporate world. However, he soon realised that sailing is part of his DNA…and as we know, you can’t tame an instinct.

A few years down the corporate road, Brieuc decided to move back home with a purpose in mind. One clear target – the Mini Transat!

Coming Up!

Brieuc just competed in a double-handed training race and made it to the podium.

The next challenge before the big race is the mini Gascogne on the 28th of July and Brieuc will be flying Velotrade-inspired sails!

Here are some links to follow the campaign:

Stay tuned!

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