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eCommerce Financing

E-Commerce Financing may be the solution to your cash requirements if:

  • You sell goods online on platforms like Amazon, Tiki, Shopee, Alibaba (and others)
  • Your local bank doesn’t support your “visionary” plans

Expand your eShop and grow your business with Velotrade’s eCommerce financing solution.


Master the cashflow

Develop your business

Optimise your funding options

No long-term obligation

Receive cash today

Why e-Commerce Financing?

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Cash flow issues on the balance sheet is the reason why most eShops apply for eCommerce Financing.

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With eCommerce financing, merchants can close the gap between the time the revenues are generated and the time the marketplace makes the payment.

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Your bank doesn’t understand your needs

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The funds can be used to make payments or to purchase additional stocks for the upcoming season.

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E-Commerce financing unlocks working capital from sales activities. It allows shops to access a line of credit with a financial institution.

e-Commerce Financing Eligibility

no long-term obligation

At least US$25,000 monthly revenues on Amazon or other eCommerce marketplaces

no long-term obligation

The applicant is a regular eCommerce merchant with shipping continuity record. i.e. there should not be intermittent shipments of the goods

no long-term obligation

Seasoned Merchant with good rating and at least 6 months selling history on the marketplace

no long-term obligation

Low Cost Funding at APR 9-12%*

*USD equivalent

*Subject to credit assessment

Get onboard with Velotrade!

Excellent customer service

Multi-currency platform

Receive funds directly in your bank account

Do you want to know more?

e-Commerce Finance Guide

Is eCommerce Financing the best solution for you?

eCommerce Financing with Velotrade

Through eCommerce financing you can access monies locked in your revenues cycle.

With our e-Commerce Financing solution, we aim to help small to medium-size shops to overcome financial difficulties.

Velotrade is an alternative to bank financing.

Velotrade Licenses

Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commissions Type 1 License (#BJL007) and Money Lender’s Licence (1943/2019)

Fast On-boarding, No Paper, It's All Digital!

Our on-boarding is smooth and fully digital. We analyse the applications individually

Proprietary Platform

All the transactions are on our Digital Platform: simple to use with great UX and UI, including a high level of end-to-end automation

No Collateral Required, No Hidden Fees

No collaterals are needed to support your application. The cost of using our service is transparent

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